Core Apps vs Consumer Apps

Core Apps (Between Virginia's Community Colleges and Google)

Core Apps are those apps covered by our existing Google Apps @ Virginia's Community Colleges terms of service and this agreement specifically covers the following applications: Gmail, Calendar, Drive (Docs), Groups, Sites, and Talk (Chat).

Consumer Apps (Between You and Google, governed by VCCS)

On May 17, 2013, Virginia's Community Colleges will enable some Consumer Apps for our students. These Consumer Apps are governed by the Terms of Service (TOS) between you and Google, which are contingent upon the VCCS Acceptable Use Agreement. See a list of the consumer apps currently available as part of Google Apps @ Virginia's Community Colleges.

Important Notes about Consumer Apps

  • Enabling Consumer Apps requires you to agree to a Consumer Apps Terms of Service agreement (TOS) the first time you log in to your Google Apps @ Virginia's Community Colleges account after the Consumer Apps are enabled, regardless of whether or not you are going to use any of the Consumer Apps.

  • You must agree to this one-time agreement in order to continue to access any part of your Google Apps @ Virginia's Community Colleges account, including Gmail. Also, Google requires that all users of the Google+ Consumer App be at least 13 years old, so carefully enter your birthday when prompted for it using that app for the first time. Failure to provide a birth date that indicates you are at least 13 years old will lock you out of your entire Google account, including Gmail and Calendar.

  • You are always governed by our Acceptable Use Agreement.

More Information about Consumer Apps

For information on the Consumer Apps that have been turned on, visit our Google Apps List.