Core Apps and Extra Apps


App NameLaunch
Gmail Launch GMail 
Google Calendar Launch Calendar 
Google Classroom Launch Classroom 
Google Contacts Launch Google Contacts 
Google Drive (Docs) Launch Google Drive (Docs) 
Google Groups for Business Launch Groups 
Google Sites Launch Google Sites 
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Other Google Apps  

Below are "Consumer Apps" that are turned on for your account. 

When you sign in to Google, you may be presented with an agreement screen, regardless of whether you are intend to use one of these apps. Learn more about the difference between Consumer Apps and Core Apps.

Please note that it is critical that you do not lie about your age if you are asked during the setup process, e.g. with Youtube or Google+. This risks disabling your access to all your applications including Gmail, and you will have to contact your college to restore your access.

If you are having a problem, please review our troubleshooting page.

App NameLaunch
3D Warehouse (Sketchup) Launch 3D Warehouse 
Analytics Launch Google Analytics 
Blogger Launch Blogger 
Bookmarks Launch Bookmarks 
Books Launch Books 
Chrome Sync  
Code Go to Google Code 
Custom Search Launch Custom Search 
Feedburner Launch Feedburner 
Google+ Launch Google+ 
Google Play Android Developer Console Launch Console 
Groups (for consumer) Launch Groups 
Map Maker Launch Map Maker 
Maps Launch Maps 
News Launch News 
Picasa Launch Picasa 
Public Data Launch Public Data 
Translator Toolkit Launch Translator Toolkit 
Webmaster Tools Launch Webmaster Tools 
YouTube Launch YouTube 
YouTube Content Manager Launch YouTube CMS 
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